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Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood IL

King Transmission – Family Owned & Operated Since 1954

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILLooking for a reliable inspection of your Drive Shaft, a diagnosis that you can trust, skillful and expert Drive Shaft service, Drive Shaft replacement or Drive Shaft repair Elmhurst IL? King Transmission is one of the oldest and most reliable Drive Shaft repair Elmwood IL shops. We are family owned and operated and have been serving the Elmhurst, IL since 1954. We provide our customers with unrivaled knowledge and experience that comes from having one of the lowest technician turnover rates in the industry. Our technicians are ASE, ATRA and/or ATSG Certified and average over fifteen years of experience with us, including several with over thirty years of experience. To maintain our high standards, we constantly invest in new equipment and education, as well as updating our electronic capabilities to remain at the forefront of our industry and to meet the challenges of the future. This is all done under our roof.

At King Transmission, we have always strived to produce quality work at reasonable prices. In short, we treat our customers how we want to be treated. We have locations in Elmhurst and Chicago to better serve you. Call King Transmission today for a free estimate at 630-832-6800.

Drive Shaft Service & Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood IL

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILKing Transmission offers you comprehensive Drive Shaft rebuild, repair, and service. We provide everything from replacing your existing Drive Shaft with a brand new one, a rebuilt Drive Shaft or rebuilding your existing Drive Shaft, to your routine preventative Drive Shaft maintenance procedures. We provide expert service for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. After over 50 years in the business we know what it takes to repair a Drive Shaft and make it last.


King Transmission Rebuild… Done Right… up to 36 Month/36K Miles Warranty! We Always Stand Behind Our Work!

If you’re in need of Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood IL, bring your vehicle into our Elmhurst, IL or Chicago, IL locations for a free inspection, free diagnostic scan, free road test and estimate, or give us a call today at 630-832-6800 and we’ll help arrange towing services, if your vehicle isn’t running.

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood IL: New and Used Drive Shaft Installation Service

Your Drive Shaft inspection, diagnostic scan and road test are completely FREE at both King Transmission locations in Elmhurst, IL and Chicago, IL. No appointment is necessary and it usually takes just a few minutes. Bring your vehicle in today for a FREE transmission inspection, road test and diagnostic scan, especially if you have observed any of the following which may indicate may indicate a transmission problem:

  • Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILCheck Engine Light is On
  • Puddles of Fluid on the Ground Under Your Vehicle
  • Your Vehicle Feels as if the Transmission Sometimes is “Slipping”
  • Your Engine Seems to REV More Than Normal When Shifting
  • You Hear Strange Noises or Feel Unusual Vibrations.

If you observe, feel or think you have any of these issues, call King Transmission today. Ignoring these problems could cost you more the longer you wait. Don’t delay – bring your vehicle into King Transmission at our Elmhurst, IL or Chicago, IL location today for a FREE INSPECTION!

We provide Drive Shaft repair, transmission service, transmission inspection, transmission rebuilding, transmission diagnosis, transmission exam, and transmission replacement for the entire drive train, drive line and all components of the transmission, including but not limited to the: Transfer Case, Clutch Assemblies, Clutch Hydraulics, Axles, Differentials, Transmission Fluids, Filter Maintenance, etc.

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILInstalling a new or rebuilt transmission is no small undertaking and should be trusted with the experts. If you have to spend the money for such a major repair, you want it to be done correctly and completed in a timely manner so you can get back on the road.

King Transmission has the experts, the equipment, and a spacious, yet comfortable work environment to ensure that an expert transmission installation is performed for you. We have over 60 years of experience and have installed thousands of Drive Shafts of all types. At King Transmission, we will do a quality job, at a reasonable cost and we will do it fast!

Call King Transmission today for your free Drive Shaft estimate at 630-832-6800.

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood IL: Drive Shaft Rebuild Service

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILRebuilding your transmission requires a full mechanical overhaul. Since we replace only those parts that have been identified as worn and defective, rebuilding your transmission costs significantly less than installing a completely new factory unit. Parts, such as gaskets, seals, filters, valves clutch components, pumps, gears, and rotors are among the parts that might need replacement. You save money on your transmission repair, since not all parts need to be replaced.

Together, these parts work in harmony as a system to provide you with peak performance and a smooth satisfying ride. Our Elmwood IL Drive Shaft experts will ensure that your transmission and all of its parts are ready to go. We offer great service, extended warranties and price options to save you money! Contact us today at 630-832-6800.

Scheduled Maintenance Transmission Services

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILAt King Transmission we believe in saving you money by encouraging thorough routine maintenance of your transmission fluid and filters, which might include changing the fluid, flushing the transmission of debris, changing the filter, etc. If your problems are more serious, we’ll inspect your entire vehicle, including the parts of your engine for wear and tear damage. King Transmission will perform the complete array of preventive maintenance service for you. Ask us how we can help you by calling us today at 630-832-6800.

Drive Shaft Fluid Level Check

We will check your transmission fluid levels. Low transmission fluid levels can lead to low lubrication of transmission parts, which hastens wear and tear, and may lead to further mechanical problems. Let us check these levels for you and we’ll add any needed fluid.

Drive Shaft Fluid Replacement

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILFluid replacement should be done every 30,000 miles to promote the proper operation of your vehicle. We’ll change your filter and replace the old fluid with fresh, new fluid. We also will clean your transmission pan and replace the pan gasket.

Drive Shaft Flush

Transmission fluid eventually breaks down and loses its effectiveness. This leads to particle deposit build up which can hasten the wear of your transmission’s internal parts. Performing a transmission flush about every 30,000 miles helps remove that debris and keeps your transmission clean, which increases the life and performance of your transmission.


Visit King Transmission Today or Call Us at 630-832-6800.

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood IL: About King Transmission

Drive Shaft Repair Elmwood ILIn 1954, we started in business as “Motor-King Rambler”, the service department for Nash/American Motors Rambler at our current Chicago location in west Humboldt Park. In 1959, two brothers kept the “King” name and became known as King Transmission. Family owned and operated ever since, we’ve been in the same Chicago location for over 50 years, and opened our Elmhurst location in 1978.

Constantly focusing on our mission has enabled us to maintain a higher standard of quality service. Today’s vehicles require not only mechanical knowledge, but also a comprehensive understanding of electronic components. To maintain our high standards, we constantly invest in new equipment and education, as well as updating our electronic capabilities to remain at the forefront of our industry and to meet the challenges of the future.

At King Transmission, we have always strived to produce quality work at reasonable prices for over 60 years. We treat our customers how we want to be treated. We have locations in Elmhurst, IL and Chicago, IL to better serve you. Please call us today at 630-832-6800 or use our contact form here. You’ll be glad you did.