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Is It Time to Visit a Transmission Repair Shop in Oak Park, Illinois? Here Is How to Tell

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

If a vehicle’s transmission wears down, the vehicle itself will soon cease to operate in a safe and functional manner. This is why, as soon as transmission problems present themselves, it’s imperative that you have them addressed by a professional mechanic.

Are you wondering how to tell when it’s time to visit a transmission repair shop in Oak Park, Illinois? To help give you clear understanding, we are going to review some of the most common signs to look out for below.

Dark Transmission Fluid

When in optimal shape, transmission fluid is supposed to have a reddish-brown color. It’s also supposed to be syrupy in terms of consistency. Over time, however, transmission fluid burns up due to use. When it burns up, it turns black, and it also takes on a sludgy consistency. At this point, it’s incapable of providing the level of lubrication your transmission needs, which puts undue strain on it.

To avoid this, it’s important to check the condition of your transmission fluid every so often. If your transmission fluid is dark in appearance, you’ll need to have it swapped out and replaced with fresh fluid by a transmission repair shop in Oak Park, Illinois.

Charred-smelling Transmission Fluid

When transmission fluid burns up, it doesn’t just turn black. It also takes on a charred aroma. In other words, it smells like it’s burnt.

If you smell a perpetual burning scent coming from your vehicle as you drive, it’s probably time to have your transmission looked at. You can start by looking at the transmission fluid and noting its color. Again, if it’s black, it’s time for a change.

Shuddering During Acceleration

Does your vehicle shudder when you step on its gas pedal? Does it start to move, only to abruptly slow down, and then suddenly speed up again? If so, it’s probably because your transmission is in bad shape.

This often occurs when the gearset within the transmission starts to slip. The cause of slippage is either a lack of lubrication (due to low or burnt transmission fluid) or mechanical damage. In either case, this is an issue that should be looked at by a professional transmission shop in Oak Park, Illinois.

Your transmission repair specialist will assess your vehicle to determine what’s wrong with it. They will also be able to carry out all the necessary repairs.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

One of the most obvious signs that your transmission needs to be repaired is that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. Transmission fluid should never leak out of a transmission. If it does, it’s because the transmission has been impacted in some way and has suffered structural or mechanical damage.

Again, transmission fluid is reddish-brown in its prime state. If you notice a reddish-brown substance under your vehicle (or a black and sludgy substance in the case of burnt fluid), you should have your transmission inspected by the professionals as soon as possible.

If you wait even a few days to repair a transmission that’s leaking fluid, it could incur substantial damage. In these situations, it’s best to act fast. Regardless of the specific problem your vehicle is facing, your transmission repair specialist will be able to identify it and repair it for you.

Looking for a Transmission Repair Shop in Oak Park, Illinois?

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