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What Are the Signs of a Damaged Drive Shaft? Insights from a Drive Shaft Repair Company in Franklin Park, Illinois

by | May 24, 2022 | Drive Shaft Repair | 0 comments

Drive shaft repair company in Franklin Park IllinoisThe drive shaft is one of the most important components in any automobile. Without a functional drive shaft, a vehicle’s wheels won’t be able to receive torque from its engine. This will result in all sorts of issues, and it might even result in you losing control of your automobile.

Unfortunately, drive shafts are susceptible to wear and tear, and they sometimes need to be repaired. The question is: how can you tell when yours needs to be repaired? This drive shaft repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois is going to review some of the main signs below.

Are You Having Trouble Turning Your Vehicle?

One sign that you might need drive shaft repair is that you’re having trouble turning your vehicle. This can be caused by several other factors as well. For instance, there could be something wrong with your power steering. Note, though, that drive shaft issues are a common culprit.

In most cases, it’s deteriorated U-joints that are causing this problem. These U-joints will likely need to be replaced by your local drive shaft repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois.

If you don’t replace your U-joints in a timely manner, this problem will only get worse. In fact, in some cases, it can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. You don’t want that to happen. Have your vehicle assessed by a drive shaft repair shop and get this problem sorted out sooner rather than later.

Is Your Vehicle Vibrating Excessively?

Another sign that you have a problem with your drive shaft is that your vehicle is vibrating excessively. Yes, vibration can be caused by several other things as well. However, if the vibration seems to be coming from the bottom of your vehicle, it’s most likely being caused by a bad drive shaft.

Again, this has to do with the U-joints. If they’re broken or loose, they’ll allow the drive shaft to bang around, resulting in vibration. The fix? You’ll have to replace the U-joints. Your local drive shaft repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois can help you with the task.

Is Your Vehicle Producing Clunking Sounds?

There are also sounds that can indicate a bad drive shaft. For instance, clunking sounds often indicate that there’s something wrong with a vehicle’s drive shaft. This is particularly true if you hear these sounds while your vehicle is shifting from one gear to another.

What causes this issue? It’s the U-joints again. When the U-joints become loose or damaged, they’re no longer able to hold the other components of the drive shaft in place. This causes them to bang against one another, thereby producing a clunking sound.

Is Your Vehicle Producing Squeaking Noises?

Another sound to listen for is a squeaking sound. This can indicate a problem with your drive shaft, especially if it’s presenting itself while your vehicle is moving at low speeds.

In some cases, it’s caused by non-lubricated U-joints. In cases like these, you’ll need only to have the U-joints lubricated.

On the other hand, it could be caused by heavily deteriorated or broken U-joints. If this is the case, you’ll most likely need to have your U-joints replaced by your drive shaft repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois.

Looking for a Drive Shaft Repair Company in Franklin Park, Illinois?

Is your drive shaft displaying signs of wear and tear? If so, and if you’re ready to have it looked at by the most trusted drive shaft repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois, look no further than King Transmission Company.

Regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, our mechanics can provide a solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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