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Five Signs that It’s Time for a Drive Shaft Repair: Insights from a Drive Shaft Repair Company in Wood Dale, Illinois

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

A vehicle’s drive shaft is responsible for transferring torque from its transmission to its wheels. It’s integral to the operation of any motor vehicle. This is why, if your car’s drive shaft becomes damaged, it’s imperative that you have it repaired as soon as possible.

Are you wondering how to determine whether your drive shaft needs to be repaired? This drive shaft repair company in Wood Dale, Illinois is going to review five of the most common signs below.

1. Is There Heavy Vibration Coming from Under Your Vehicle?

One sign that your drive shaft needs a repair is that there’s heavy vibration coming from under your vehicle. This typically presents itself toward the front of the vehicle, in particular.

The cause of this? It’s generally due to worn bushings or U-joints. If one of these problems is present, one or both components will need to be replaced.

Need help fixing your drive shaft? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local drive shaft repair company in Wood Dale, Illinois. They’ll assess the damage and then make all the necessary repairs.

2. Are There Clunking Sounds Coming from Your Vehicle?

Another sign that you might need a drive shaft repair is that there are clunking sounds coming from under your vehicle. These are often caused by worn or broken U-joints. Because the joints aren’t properly holding other components in place, they’re jutting up against one another, resulting in these sounds.

You shouldn’t let this problem go for long. The longer you allow it to persist, the more damage your drive shaft will take on, thus costing you more money in the long run. By tending to it quickly, you should be able to keep the damage to a minimum.

3. Are There Squeaking Sounds Coming from Your Vehicle?

Squeaking sounds can indicate drive shaft problems as well. Worn U-joints can rub up against other components, thus creating screeching and squeaking noises. If your U-joints are worn down, you’ll want to switch them out sooner rather than later, lest you allow additional damage to plague your drive shaft. Again, your local drive shaft repair company in Wood Dale, Illinois can carry out the replacement.

4. Does Your Vehicle Shudder When Accelerating?

When you hit the gas pedal, does your vehicle jut forward, stop suddenly, and eventually kick into gear seconds later? Rest assured, this isn’t supposed to happen. Your vehicle should be accelerating without hesitation. What might be causing it to shudder? In many cases, worn U-joints are to blame.

5. Are You Having Difficulty Turning Your Vehicle?

One last sign that you need to repair your drive shaft is that you’re having trouble turning your vehicle. In other words, when you try to move your steering wheel to one side, you struggle to do so, as there’s substantial physical resistance.

This can be caused by other issues. For example, impaired power steering often results in this. That said, a bad drive shaft is perhaps the most common culprit.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed by replacing your U-joints. If yours need to be replaced, your local drive shaft repair company in Wood Dale, Illinois will be happy to help.

Looking for a Drive Shaft Repair Company in Wood Dale, Illinois?

Is your drive shaft displaying signs of damage? Ready to have it fixed by the best drive shaft repair company in Wood Dale, Illinois? If so, our team at King Transmission Company has you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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