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Drive Shaft Repair in Hillside, Illinois: Do You Need It?

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Drive Shaft Repair | 0 comments

Drive shaft repair service in Hinsdale, IllinoisThe drive shaft — one of the key components in any automobile — is responsible for transferring torque from the vehicle’s engine to its wheels. When the drive shaft is in good shape, the vehicle accelerates and decelerates without trouble. When it’s in bad shape, performance issues will start to become obvious.

Are you wondering whether you need a drive shaft repair in Hillside, Illinois currently? Here are some signs that you do:

Is Your Vehicle Difficult to Turn?

A common sign of drive shaft issues is that your car is difficult to turn. If you’re constantly exerting yourself just to turn the steering wheel, there’s likely something wrong. When the drive shaft is in proper working order, the steering wheel should turn effortlessly.

With that said, there are other issues that can lead to turning difficulties. For instance, your power steering fluid could be low. You might also be dealing with a broken serpentine belt.

Regardless of what the issue might be, it’s one that needs to be fixed. We recommend calling your local drive shaft repair company in Hinsdale and scheduling an appointment. Their mechanics will be able to identify the source of the issue.

Is Your Vehicle Making Thudding Noises?

When a vehicle is in good shape, it shouldn’t be making much noise at all. Sure, you’ll be able to hear the engine running if you listen closely for it, but there shouldn’t be any unusual sounds. If you’re hearing noises that’s sound particularly odd to you, they could indicate in issue.

For instance, let’s say your vehicle is making random thudding noises. If this is happening, it could very well be because your vehicle’s U-joints are deteriorated. As such, your vehicle’s components could be loose, causing them to make noise whenever you turn or hit a small bump.

If this is happening with your vehicle, you’ll want to have it inspected as soon as possible. Driving on broken U-joints is not only bad for your vehicle, but it’s potentially dangerous as well. It’s best to have your vehicle inspected by a Hinsdale drive shaft repair mechanic as soon as possible.

Is Your Vehicle Making Squeaking Noises?

It’s not just thudding noises that you should be mindful of — you should listen for squeaking noises as well. Yes, these noises can come from any number of components within the vehicle. However, they commonly come from an impaired drive shaft and deteriorated U-joints.

As we noted above, deteriorated U-joints are a big problem. As such, if you’re hearing squeaks on a regular basis, you should have your vehicle inspected at a drive shaft repair shop in Hinsdale.

Is Your Vehicle Vibrating More Than Usual?

It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to vibrate slightly as it runs. In fact, something as simple as the air conditioner could cause a vehicle to vibrate more than usual.

However, there is such a thing as too much vibration. If your vehicle is vibrating violently, you most likely are dealing with a faulty drive shaft.

When your drive shaft is damaged, the vibration will be coming up through the floor of the driver and passenger areas. As soon as you notice this type of vibration, it’s recommended that you bring your vehicle to a Hinsdale transmission repair specialist for an inspection.

Do You Need a Drive Shaft Repair in Hinsdale, Illinois?

Are you dealing with drive shaft issues in your vehicle? Looking for the best drive shaft repair shop in Hillside, Illinois? If so, the mechanics at King Transmission Company are the people to call.

Our crew is well-versed in all aspects of drive shaft repair, having repaired countless drive shafts throughout the Hillside area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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