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Transmission Maintenance Tips: Insights from an Oak Park Transmission Repair Company

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Transmission Maintenance | 0 comments

Transmission maintenance on a car in Oak Park, IllinoisOver time, a vehicle’s transmission can take on quite a bit of wear and tear. The more wear and tear a transmission takes on, the sooner it will need to be replaced. As such, many vehicle owners make an effort to take some stress off their transmission.

There are all sorts of maintenance measures you can take to protect your transmission. Are you curious as to what they are? If so, then you’re in the right place — this Oak Park transmission repair company has you covered.

Check Your Fluid Regularly

One of the most important parts of transmission maintenance is making sure that it has adequate transmission fluid. If the fluid is in bad shape, it won’t lubricate the transmission as it’s supposed to, and the transmission will take on unnecessary wear and tear.

In most cases, you should be checking your fluid monthly. Pull out the dipstick and inspect the color. Is it a reddish-brown color? If so, it’s still in good shape. Is it black? If so, it’s time for a change.

Transmission fluid typically lasts for between 30,000 and 60,000 miles of driving. Once it reaches this point, it can start deteriorating rapidly.

Stop Before Shifting

If you’re like some drivers, you may have a tendency to switch from reverse to drive while your vehicle is still rolling. While this might help you to maneuver quickly, it can also do quite a bit of damage to your transmission. This is because the gearset has not yet stopped moving.

If you want to get the most out of your transmission, it’s best that you come to a complete stop before shifting. Wait until the vehicle is completely settled, and then shift as needed.

Have Your Vehicle Inspected Regularly

Vehicles can take on all sorts of damage over time — much of which isn’t visible to the eye. This damage can put added stress on the transmission, causing it to fail sooner than it’s designed to. As such, it’s important to have any damage fixed in a timely manner.

Of course, to do this, you first have to identify it. This can be done by bringing your vehicle in for regular inspections. Your repair technician will inspect every aspect of your vehicle, ensuring that everything is operating as needed. At a minimum, you should have your vehicle inspected at least once a year, or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Avoid Excessive Breaking

Another thing that can cause damage to a transmission is excess braking. This causes the transmission to stop and start suddenly, putting a tremendous amount of wear and tear on it over time.

If possible, when driving, you should take it easy with your brakes. Not only should you avoid riding the brake while moving, but you should also apply the brake slowly when coming to a stop. In addition, when in a traffic jam, leave plenty of space between you and other cars. That way, you won’t have to brake as often.

Keep an Eye on the Cooling System

Your car’s cooling system not only ensures that the engine doesn’t overheat, but it also ensures that the fluid in your transmission doesn’t burn as quickly. As such, it’s best to keep an eye on your vehicle’s cooling system gauge.

Replace the coolant as needed, and if you suspect a problem within the system, you should have it serviced as soon as possible.

Looking for an Oak Park Transmission Repair Company?

Has your transmission taken on a problem? Does it require routine maintenance? Need the help of an Oak Park transmission repair company? If so, King Transmission is the company to call.

We’ve been maintaining and repairing transmissions since the 1950s. Regardless of the problem you’re facing, our team can get it fixed.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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