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What Are the Signs That You Need a Transmission Repair? Insights from a Transmission Repair Company in Cicero, Illinois

by | Apr 24, 2022 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

Transmission repair company in Cicero IllinoisAutomatic transmissions in modern vehicles don’t run into problems often. However, when they do, they can be detrimental to your vehicle.

It is helpful to keep an eye out for some common signs of transmission damage. Are you wondering what these include? This transmission repair company in Cicero, Illinois is going to discuss below.

Black Transmission Fluid

A sure sign that you need transmission repair is that your transmission fluid is black. In its prime state, transmission fluid should possess a reddish-brown color. However, the more and more use it sees, the more it burns. This eventually results in it becoming black and sludgy as opposed to red and syrupy.

Why is this an issue? Because black and sludgy transmission fluid can’t provide adequate lubrication. It allows the components of the transmission to put stress upon one another, shortening the transmission’s lifespan and causing the vehicle to run roughly.

Only by replacing your transmission fluid can you fix this problem. Your local transmission repair company in Cicero, Illinois can help you with the task.

A Burning Smell

When transmission fluid burns up, it doesn’t just turn black. It also releases a burnt aroma. For this reason, if you smell a burning odor coming from your vehicle, you have reason to believe that your transmission is the culprit.

There could be several other problems causing this as well. However, the transmission is one of the first places you should look.

Again, the fix is simple. All you’ll have to do is flush your existing fluid and replace it with fresh transmission fluid. Any reputable Cicero transmission repair company can complete this task for you.

Fluid Leaks

A sure sign that you need transmission repair is that there’s transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle. Again, transmission fluid possesses a reddish-brown appearance.

Fluid should never leave your transmission. If it has left your transmission, it’s because the transmission has suffered structural damage of some kind.

This structural damage should be looked at by a professional transmission repair mechanic in Cicero, Illinois. In extreme cases, the transmission will need to be replaced in its entirety.

Sudden Bursts During Acceleration

Another sign that you need transmission repair is that your vehicle bursts forward suddenly while accelerating. This can indicate several problems with a transmission, from deteriorated transmission fluid to structural damage and more.

It occurs due to inconsistencies between the gears in the gear set. Instead of working in harmony with one another, they slip off one another, resulting in that jerky, bursting motion.

Allowing this problem to persist will only result in it growing worse over time. In other words, the sooner you fix it, the better off you’ll be.

Excessive Vibration

The last sign that you need transmission repair is that your vehicle is vibrating excessively. Yes, vibration can be caused by several problems. However, transmission troubles are a common cause.

In many cases, this is just a result of poor lubrication. In that event, the issue can be fixed by adding a fresh batch of fluid.

Note, though, that this could indicate structural and mechanical issues as well. Regardless, you should have your transmission assessed by a transmission repair specialist.

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