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What Are Some Signs That Your Transmission Needs Professional Attention? A Transmission Repair Company in Villa Park, Illinois Explains

by | Jun 24, 2023 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

For the most part, transmissions do not need professional attention very often. However, when they do, it’s important that you tend to them in as timely a manner as possible. Failure to do so could result in irreparable damage.

The question is: how can you tell when your transmission needs professional attention? To help give you a better idea, this transmission repair company in Villa Park, Illinois is going to review some of the key signs you should look for.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Black

When functioning properly, transmission fluid should have a reddish-brown appearance. Unfortunately, as time passes, and as transmission fluid is subject to more wear and tear, it burns up. This results in it losing its lubricating properties, causing it to turn black.

If your transmission fluid is black, you’ll need to replace it. Failure to replace it will put undue wear and tear on your transmission, causing it to break down before its time.

Who do you turn to when it’s time to replace your transmission fluid? Your local transmission repair company in Villa Park, Illinois. They’ll be able to flush your existing fluid and then add new fluid.

There’s a Charred Odor Coming from Your Automobile

There are all sorts of auto issues that can lead to charred aromas. These vary from brake issues to engine issues and more. However, on some occasions, burnt odors come from the transmission of the vehicle. More specifically, they come from burnt transmission fluid.

Again, burnt transmission fluid is a problem, as it can’t adequately lubricate the transmission. This subjects the transmission to undue wear and tear, which makes it more vulnerable to additional problems.

The fix? You’ll have to flush the burnt fluid and replace it with fresh transmission fluid. Your local transmission repair company in Villa Park, Illinois can complete the task.

Your Vehicle Bursts Forward When Accelerating

Another sign that you need transmission repair is that your vehicle bursts forward when accelerating. This typically feels something like a herky-jerky motion. Whereas a healthy transmission typically produces a smooth acceleration, a damaged or unlubricated transmission produces a rough and uneven acceleration.

This problem could come about due to mechanical damage within the transmission. On the other hand, it could be as simple as the transmission fluid being deteriorated.

Regardless, it’s an issue that requires the attention of a seasoned transmission repair specialist. They’ll inspect your transmission, determine the source of the issue, and make all necessary repairs. This could be a fluid flush, or it could be a mechanical or structural repair.

There’s Transmission Fluid Leaking from Your Transmission

The last sign that you need a transmission repair is that there’s transmission fluid leaking from your transmission. If this is occurring, it’s because the transmission has become damaged in some way. There’s no other reason that fluid would be leaking from a transmission.

Regardless, this is a serious problem. When a transmission doesn’t contain adequate transmission fluid, it’s not going to be lubricated sufficiently. When it’s not lubricated sufficiently, it’s going to run roughly and incur premature damage. This will eventually result in a breakdown.

The fix? Some components of the transmission are going to have to be repaired. The transmission will then need new transmission fluid. Your local transmission repair company in Villa Park, Illinois can carry out all the repairs that are necessary.

Looking for a Transmission Repair Company in Villa Park, Illinois?

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