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Four Issues You May Encounter with Your Transmission: Insights from a Transmission Repair Company in Elmhurst, Illinois

by | Dec 24, 2023 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

One of the most important components in any vehicle is the transmission. This component is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. If it’s dysfunctional, the entire vehicle will struggle to function properly.

This is why it’s important to be mindful of the condition of your transmission. By identifying problems early, you can prevent them from becoming severe, and therefore keep your vehicle running at maximum capacity.

Not sure what to look out for? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, this transmission repair company in Elmhurst, Illinois is going to review four of the most common issues you may encounter with your transmission.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Black

Transmission fluid is designed to possess a reddish-brown color. Unfortunately, over time, as the fluid sees more and more deterioration, it loses its color and eventually turns black. In essence, it becomes burnt and charred.

At this point, the fluid will likely be sludgy in consistency. Because of this, it won’t be able to provide the level of lubrication a transmission requires. This will cause the transmission to run roughly and take on undue wear and tear in the process.

This is why it’s important to have your transmission fluid flushed as soon as it turns black. This will provide your vehicle with optimal lubrication, ensuring that it runs at maximum capacity. When the time comes, your local transmission repair company in Elmhurst, Illinois can help you with the task.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Giving Off a Burnt Smell

As noted above, over time, transmission fluid becomes burnt with use. When it becomes burnt, it doesn’t just possess a burnt appearance. It also gives off a burnt smell.

Therefore, if you smell a charred odor coming from your vehicle, you should check on your transmission. If your fluid hasn’t been changed in a while, it could very well require a flush.

Who should you visit when it’s time for a transmission fluid flush? Your local transmission repair company in Elmhurst, Illinois. they can flush your fluid and assess your transmission for other potential problems, ensuring that it’s working as it’s supposed to work.

Your Vehicle Jumps Forward When Accelerating

Another sign that you might need a transmission repair is that your vehicle jumps forward when accelerating. This tends to present itself as a jerky motion.

The cause of this could be either a lack of lubrication in the transmission, or damage to the transmission. This causes the gears to slip off one another, resulting in that jumping sensation.

The fix? You may either need new transmission fluid, or a full-on mechanical repair.  In either case, your local transmission repair specialist is the person to see.

Transmission Fluid Is Leaking from Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid is never supposed to leave a transmission. If it does leave the transmission, it’s because the transmission has developed a leak of some kind.

There could be a loose gasket. On the other hand, the transmission could have suffered direct physical trauma. Regardless, a repair is necessary.

Fortunately, your local transmission repair company can help you with this repair. Regardless of what the problem might be, they’ve undoubtedly seen it before, and they’ll know exactly how to solve it.

Looking for a Transmission Repair Company in Elmhurst, Illinois?

Have you encountered any of the issues mentioned above? Looking to schedule a repair with the best transmission repair company in Elmhurst, Illinois? If so, look no further than the professionals at King Transmission Company.

Our team has repaired countless transmission problems in countless vehicles throughout the Elmhurst area. Regardless of your transmission repair needs, we are the people to call. Contact us today to get started.

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