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What Are the Signs That It’s Time for a Transmission Repair? Insights from a Transmission Repair Shop in West Chicago, Illinois

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

One of the most important components in any vehicle is the transmission. Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the transmission’s functionality is imperative to the overall performance of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, from time to time, transmissions can run into problems. When this occurs, timely repair becomes necessary. Are you wondering how to tell whether you need to visit a transmission repair shop in West Chicago, Illinois? We are going to review some of the top signs below.

There’s Fluid Leaking from Your Transmission

A sure sign that you need transmission repair services is that there is transmission fluid leaking from your transmission. This should never be happening. If it is, it’s because there was some sort of physical damage done to your transmission, thus resulting in it leaking out everywhere.

Driving with a leaking transmission is never a good idea. In fact, it can do further damage to your transmission than what already exists.

Because of this, it’s best to have your vehicle inspected by your local transmission repair shop in West Chicago, Illinois as soon as possible. They’ll find the source of the leak, make all necessary repairs, and then fill your transmission with fresh fluid.

There’s a Burnt Odor Coming from Your Vehicle

Another sign that you might need transmission repair is that there’s a burnt odor coming from your vehicle. While this can be caused by a variety of factors, it’s commonly caused by burnt transmission fluid.

Over time, transmission fluid deteriorates. At some point, this results in the fluid turning burnt, black, and tarry. At this point, it’s no longer providing the lubrication that it’s supposed to provide.

If you smell that burnt aroma, it’s time to visit a reputable transmission repair shop in West Chicago, Illinois.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Black

We just mentioned the burnt odor that can come from the transmission fluid. However, it’s not just odors that you need to be cognizant of. You need to look out for changes in transmission fluid color as well.

Namely, if your transmission fluid is black, it needs to be flushed and replaced. If it’s reddish-brown, however, it’s still good to go, and doesn’t need to be flushed quite yet.

Need help facilitating a transmission fluid flush? Look no further than your local transmission repair shop in West Chicago, Illinois. They’ll flush all existing fluid and then add fresh fluid to ensure that your transmission is properly lubricated.

Your Vehicle’s Gears Slip When Changing

One last sign that you might need transmission repair is that your vehicle’s gears slip when they’re changing. This can present itself in a few different ways.

In some cases, it presents itself as your vehicle bursting forward suddenly upon acceleration. In other cases, it presents itself as your vehicle struggling to accelerate. You might even experience a jerky motion in which both things are happening in quick succession.

Regardless, when gears slip in this manner, it’s usually because there’s a lack of lubrication present. Odds are, you’ll need to swap out your transmission fluid. Note, however, that more severe damages could be present as well. In this case, your transmission repair shop will identify all existing problems and make the necessary repairs.

Looking for the Top-Rated Transmission Repair Shop in West Chicago, Illinois?

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Our specialists are well-versed when it comes to repairing transmissions. Regardless of your needs, we can offer a solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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