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When Should You Visit a Transmission Repair Specialist in Addison, Illinois? Here Are Some Scenarios

by | Mar 24, 2024 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

Of all the components in an automobile, the transmission is undoubtedly one of the most important. If a transmission ceases to function, the vehicle itself will soon cease to function as well. Because of this, it’s important to be cognizant of potential transmission problems and react to them quickly.

Are you wondering how to tell when it’s time to visit a transmission repair specialist in Addison, Illinois? Without further ado, we are going to review some of the key signs you should look out for.

Your Vehicle Stutters When Accelerating

One sure sign that it’s time for a transmission repair is that your vehicle stutters when accelerating. In other words, it starts to move, then slows down, then bursts forward with a herky-jerky motion.

What causes this exactly? In most cases, it’s either broken or under-lubricated gears. When the transmission’s gear set isn’t properly lubricated, its gears slip off one another, resulting in that herky-jerky motion discussed above.

To fix the problem, you’ll either need to lubricate the gear seat, or repair it altogether. In either case, your local transmission repair specialist in Addison, Illinois can diagnose the situation and recommend the best course of action.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Black

Another sign that your transmission needs attention is that your transmission fluid is black. When in its prime state, transmission fluid should possess a reddish-brown tint. Over time, however, transmission fluid can burn up, resulting in that black appearance.

Not only will it take on a black appearance, but a sludgy consistency as well. When this occurs, it won’t be able to provide the adequate level of lubrication, thus hurting the performance of the transmission.

The only fix is to flush and replace the fluid. If you need assistance with this, you can always visit your local transmission repair company for a quick fix.

Your Vehicle Is Emitting a Burnt Smell

When transmission fluid burns up, it not only takes on a black appearance — it also emits a burnt smell. This is why, if you smell a charred aroma coming from your vehicle, you should, at the very least, check the color of your transmission fluid.

Again, if it’s black, it lacks the lubricating power needed to successfully assist a transmission. In this case, it will need to be flushed and replaced.

While you can certainly attempt to replace your transmission fluid on your own, it’s typically quicker and easier to have it done by your local transmission repair specialist in Addison, Illinois. They’ll ensure that your transmission fluid is replaced properly, and ensure the proper functionality of your vehicle.

There’s Transmission Fluid Leaking from Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid should never, at any point, be leaking from your transmission. If it is, it’s because something on your transmission has developed a hole or a crack.

If you see a reddish-brown fluid under your vehicle, you should take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop as soon as possible. A specialist will be able to look at your transmission and determine the cause of the leak. They’ll then be able to carry out all the necessary repairs.

In rare cases, this damage can be so severe that it requires a full transmission replacement. However, in most cases, a simple repair will get the job done.

Looking for a Transmission Repair Specialist in Addison, Illinois?

Do you notice any of these signs mentioned above with your transmission? Looking for a transmission repair specialist in Addison, Illinois that can diagnose and resolve the issue? If so, King Transmission Company is the place to visit.

Contact us today to discuss your situation.

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