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Transmission Fluid Replacement: Four Signs That You Need One Brought to by a West Chicago Transmission Repair Company

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Transmission Replacement | 0 comments

Car leaking transmission fluid in West Chicago, IllinoisTransmission fluid is key to a vehicle’s operation. It provides lubrication to the transmission, ensuring that it’s operating in as seamless a manner as possible. In doing so, it allows for maximum fuel efficiency, and it helps keep your transmission fully functional.

Unfortunately, over time, transmission fluid deteriorates. As such, it eventually needs to be replaced. Are you wondering how to tell when it’s time for a transmission fluid replacement in West Chicago? Here are four signs:

1. Your Transmission Fluid is Looks Dark

Over time, as it sees more and more use, transmission fluid becomes burnt. When this occurs, it takes on a black and tarry consistency. Unfortunately, this tarry consistency prevents it from serving its purpose: providing lubrication to the gears within the transmission.

As such, if you notice that your transmission fluid is dark, it’s important that you replace it as soon as possible. Failure to change your burnt transmission fluid will put undue strain on your transmission, causing it not only efficiency issues, but a reduced lifespan as well.

It’s best that you check your transmission fluid at least a few times a year. You can simply pull out the dipstick and give it a quick look.

2. Your Transmission Fluid Smells Burnt

Transmission fluid doesn’t only take on a burnt appearance. It can also give off a burnt smell. As such, if you often smell a burning aroma coming from your vehicle, there’s reason to believe that the transmission fluid needs to be changed.

Note, however, that there are other potential causes for these smells. For instance, worn down brake pads could result in burning smells when the brakes are applied.

Regardless, if you notice this smell, it’s recommended that you have your vehicle inspected by an auto mechanic as soon as possible. Any burning smell is a cause for concern and should be tended to by a professional.

3. Your Vehicle Delays While Shifting Gears

Imagine this: you’re accelerating, and everything is going smoothly…until all of a sudden, your vehicle hesitates. In a way, you almost feel like your vehicle is in neutral. Soon enough, your vehicle kicks into the next gear and you’re moving smoothly again.

If this happens to your vehicle, there’s a very good chance that your transmission fluid is to blame. In all likelihood, the reason is that your transmission fluid isn’t providing adequate lubrication. As such, the gears are failing to respond to each other as they are designed to.

There’s one way to fix this issue — you should change your transmission fluid. Your local transmission repair shop can help.

4. It’s Been a While Since the Last Replacement

All transmission fluid has a maximum lifespan. As such, if it’s been a while since you last changed out your transmission fluid, you should probably think about making a change.

A good rule of thumb is to change the transmission fluid every 60,000 to 90,000 miles of travel. The more frequently you change your transmission fluid, the smoother your car will run, and the longer it will last.

If you’ve driven 60,000 or more miles since buying your car, you should keep a close eye on your transmission dipstick. If it comes up black, you’ll know it’s time to make a change. Your local West Chicago transmission repair company can assist you in flushing and replenishing your transmission fluid.

Need a Transmission Fluid Replacement or Transmission Repair in West Chicago?

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