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5 Warning Signs to Get Your Drive Shaft Checked in Franklin Park, Illinois

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Drive Shaft Repair | 0 comments

 new-drive-shaftThe primary function of the drive shaft is to transmit the torque generated by the engine to the wheels. Generally, these are classified as longitudinal and axle shaft. The long shaft that runs from the front to the back is referred to as the longitudinal shaft, and the shaft that runs from the differential of the vehicle to the wheel is known as the axle shaft.

The shafts are generally made up of tubular steel, carbon fiber or aluminum. Shafts are a critical component for the smooth functioning of your vehicle since they are subjected to continuous rotational dynamics during operation. This requires that the drive shaft is balanced during dynamic motions to eliminate vibrations.

In addition to that, there are other mechanisms that support the motion. These include U joints for suspension height, constant velocity (CV) joints for wheel turning, and carrier bearings that avoid friction and loss of energy. These parts are generally very durable, as they are designed to take the load of the vehicle. However, they could become damaged over time.

Below are 5 common warning signs that your drive shaft might have a problem, and should be looked at by a Franklin Park drive shaft or transmission repair service:

1. Vibration

A vibration of any sort is the primary indicator that the vehicle needs to be examined. Unusual vibrations—especially those that occur only at certain speeds or when the vehicle is in a particular gear—are a definite indicator of a problem with the drive shaft.

If you drive your vehicle off road, or if your vehicle suffers a serious impact, it could lead to an off-balance or a counterweight problem. Shafts that are not balanced in motion could cause additional wear on seals, bearings, and joints.

2. Abnormal Noises

Another indicator of a problem with the drive shaft is abnormal noises. If the bearing or bushes that support the driveshaft fail or are wearing out, they can interfere with the proper rotation of the driveshaft.

This could cause a clunking, unusual rattling, or even scraping sounds from the underside of the vehicle. Any abnormal noises like these should raise a red flag to get the vehicle serviced.

3. Leaking

Drive shafts are pure metal, so they don’t leak. However, their supporting joints can. Due to a minor impact, or just over time, the constant velocity (CV) boots could break or crack, causing them to release grease. This, in turn, could collect debris and combine with water to contaminate the joint.

Any such debris collection underneath the vehicle should be examined to ensure that the fittings, bearings, and CV boots are intact and functioning as intended.

4.  Turning Issues

If you notice that the wheels are not turning as they should, or if there is resistance when you are making a sharp turn around a corner, you might have a problem with the drive shaft.

Also, if you experience resistance when maneuvering the vehicle for parking or making a U-turn, you should have your drive shaft examined by a professional.

5. Universal Joint Movement

A Universal joint, or “U-joint” that has excessive movement (or lack of it) could be a sign that there’s a drive shaft problem.

In order to check the movement of the U-joint, put the parking brake on and shift the gear of the vehicle to neutral. Next, check the flexibility of the U-joint by moving it back and forth. Any movement that is excess in one direction compared to another direction can affect the drive shaft negatively.

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