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Four Indications That You Require Drive Shaft Repair in Chicago

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Drive Shaft Repair | 0 comments

Drive shaft of a carThe drive shaft is one of the many parts that’s central to a vehicle’s operation. Designed to transfer power from the vehicle’s gearbox to its wheels, it is, unfortunately, prone to damage from time to time.

Make no mistake — when a drive shaft suffers damage, it will continue to function. However, it will put great amounts of stress on the vehicle as a whole. As such, should it become damaged, it will need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Wondering whether you require drive shaft repair in Chicago? Here are 4 indications that you do.

1. Heavy Vibration

A fairly sure sign that your drive shaft needs to be repaired is that you have heavy vibration coming from the undercarriage of your vehicle. This type of vibration usually occurs due to a U-joint being loose or deteriorated.

This vibration is detrimental because, as it continues, it puts undue stress on the other parts of the drive shaft as well. If this stress is maintained for too long a time, the drive shaft could wear down entirely, resulting in an almost non-functional vehicle.

Therefore, if you feel excessive vibration coming from the underside of your vehicle, you should have it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

2. Thudding Sounds

Does your vehicle emit loud, thudding sounds every time it’s started up? If so, there’s reason to believe that its drive shaft is to blame.

This, again, has to do with the vehicle’s U-joints. Because they’ve suffered deterioration, they’re allowing the rest of the drive shaft to take on stress. This stress can alter the rotation of the drive shaft, thus creating thudding sounds.

If these sounds are present in your vehicle, you’re advised to have it checked out as soon as possible. Failure to stop the problem quickly can result in a bigger problem down the line.

3. Turning Troubles

Is it harder to turn your vehicle than it used to be? If so, there’s a decent chance that your drive shaft is to blame.

Turning difficulties can be brought on by a number of different factors. These include a broken serpentine belt and a dysfunctional steering rack, to name just two. However, an impaired drive shaft very often ends up being the source.

In any case, if you’re experiencing turning troubles, you should bring your vehicle into a Chicago transmission repair shop. The mechanics there will find the real source of the problem, and take action to correct it.

4. Squeaking Sounds

Squeaking sounds can emit from a variety of different parts of a vehicle. They could be coming from brake pads, or from non-lubricated U-joints, or from new tires, or otherwise.

That said, if you’re hearing squeaking sounds even while your vehicle is barely moving, there’s a decent chance that your drive shaft is the culprit. In all likelihood, the U-joints in your driveshaft are in need of lubrication.

Note, though, that there could also be a bigger problem under the surface. As such, regardless, if you hear squeaking noises, you’re advised to bring your vehicle into a professional repair technician. He or she can figure out what’s going on and take action to fix the issue.

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