What Happens if You Don’t Repair a Faulty Transmission in Elmhurst?

What Happens if You Don’t Repair a Faulty Transmission in Elmhurst?

transmission-mechanicYour vehicle’s transmission is vital to its overall operation. When a transmission gives out, your vehicle will no longer be able to perform.

The question is: what does it mean when a transmission “gives out”? What can actually happen if you don’t repair a faulty transmission? There are a number of things that could occur, all of which will be reviewed below.

Consequences of Not Repairing a Transmission

A few different things can happen if you don’t repair a faulty transmission. Generally, the longer you allow a faulty transmission to exist, the greater the consequences will be.

Car Will Stall

In the most extreme cases, a faulty transmission will cause your vehicle to stall entirely. This is likely due to the fact that its transmission is not able to keep your car in gear. Instead of continuously switching in and out of gears, it will eventually just cease to operate.

If this happens, it is likely time for complete transmission replacement. The best way to know for sure is to have it inspected by a professional transmission repair mechanic.

Car Will Lose Acceleration

If your transmission happens to be low on fluid, it might accelerate slower than it once did. Whereas you used to be able to get from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds, it might now take 10 seconds or more.

You can typically fix this problem with the addition of fresh transmission fluid. However, it’s crucial that you act fast. Allowing fluid levels to remain low can lead to much more serious problems.

Car Won’t Stay in Gear

If your transmission possesses a mechanical problem, you will more than likely experience difficulty staying in gear. Your vehicle might jerk abruptly at random times, making it both dangerous and inept.

If this is happening, we recommend that you see an Elmhurst auto repair mechanic immediately. He or she might be able to salvage your transmission with some repairs.

Signs of a Faulty Transmission

To prevent serious damage from occurring, it helps to catch transmission problems early. Here are some signs that your transmission might be in need of attention.

Jerky Gear Shifting

Does your car hesitate or “jump” when shifting gears? If so, your transmission is more than likely the culprit. It is probably either mechanically impaired in some way, or just low on transmission fluid.

Smoky Smells

If you notice burnt or smoky smells coming from your vehicle, there is a problem of some kind. This problem could be in your transmission, or in a number of other components. You can find out exactly what the issue is by having your car inspected by an experienced Elmhurst transmission company.

Burnt Transmission Fluid

A fairly sure sign that you require transmission repair is if your transmission fluid is burnt and charred. Transmission fluid is supposed to be red. If it’s black or brown instead, it has been overused, and is no longer serving its purpose adequately. Failure to change it quickly could cause harm to your transmission.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is never supposed to leak out of your transmission. If it does, your transmission is more than likely damaged, and requires immediate repair. If you notice a red liquid under your car, we recommend taking it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Seeking Transmission Repair Services in Elmhurst?

Is your transmission on the demonstrating any of these warning signs? Are you seeking transmission repair services in Elmhurst, Illinois? If so, we here at King Transmission are the people to see.

Our team of seasoned auto mechanics is beyond experienced in the repair and maintenance of automotive transmissions. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have — we can help you to get it back on the road.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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