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5 Indications That You Need Transmission Repair in Elmhurst

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

transmission-repair-elmhurstWhen it comes to an automobile, its transmission is of utmost importance. Without a properly functioning transmission, your vehicle will not perform at its optimal levels.

For this reason, you need to be ever-aware of the performance of your car’s transmission. This isn’t to say that you need to check it out every day. It just means that you should be cognizant of the signs which demonstrate that it’s not performing up to par.

So, without further ado, here are 5 indications that you need transmission repair in Elmhurst, Illinois.


1. Your Vehicle Possesses a Burnt Aroma

Has your vehicle been emitting a strong, burning odor? If so, your transmission could very well be the problem. While your transmission isn’t the only part of your vehicle which can produce this smell, it is often the source if the smell persists over time.

This smell comes from the transmission fluid in your car. The longer this fluid is used in your transmission, the more burnt it becomes. And the more burnt that the fluid becomes, the less effective it is overall.

The only solution is to flush your transmission and fill it with fresh fluid.


2. Your Vehicle Struggles to Shift

Ideally, whether you’ve got an automatic or manual transmission, your car will shift gears with a certain smoothness and ease. If your car is not shifting gears with such an ease, it’s telling you that there’s something wrong with its transmission.

The reason that shifts feel so rough and awkward probably has to do with the mechanical components of the transmission being worn down. Instead of working in perfect harmony, they’re resisting each other and slipping violently.

If your car begins to jerk while shifting gears, you’d best get it into an Elmhurst transmission repair company as soon as possible.


3. Your Transmission Fluid is Deteriorated

As was stated above, it’s wise to regularly monitor your transmission. Part of doing this is checking the fluid in your transmission.

If, when checking this fluid, you notice that it’s dark black and sludgy, it’s probably time to change it. Over time, as the fluid is used repetitively, it starts to wear down. At some point, it becomes so used up that it no longer adequately serves its purpose.

When transmission fluid reaches this point, it needs to be flushed and replaced.


4. Your Vehicle Experiences Gear Slippages

A sure sign that your transmission is in need of repair is if it’s consistently prone to gear slippages. You’ll know when a gear slip occurs because your car will make a sudden and awkward jerking motion.

In some cases, a noise will even accompany this jerking motion. It will either be a deep, clunking noise, or a high, screeching noise.

The reason your gears are slipping likely has to do with the age of your transmission fluid. If the fluid is no longer lubricating adequately, your transmission will not work optimally.


5. Your Vehicle Produces Grinding Noises

One last sign that your car is in need of transmission repair is if it’s making loud grinding noises while shifting gears. While grinding noises can also come from worn down brake pads and other such ailments, grinding noises from your transmission will only occur when gears are actively being shifted.

Again, flushing the transmission and filling it with new fluid will likely solve your problem.


Seeking Transmission Repair in Elmhurst?

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