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Should You Have Your Chicago Transmission Fluid Flushed? Five Signs That it is Time

by | May 24, 2020 | Transmission Fluid | 0 comments

Pouring new transmission fluid into a car in Chicago, IllinoisOver time, as transmission fluid sees more and more use, it faces more and more deterioration. At some point, it becomes so deteriorated that it fails to serve its function. It’s at this point that it needs to be flushed and replaced.

Wondering whether your car’s transmission fluid has reached this point? Here are 5 signs that it has.

1. Your Fluid is Black

In its prime state, transmission fluid has a dark red color and a syrupy consistency. However, over time, as it’s subject to more and more use, it becomes burnt, taking on a black color and a sludgy consistency. When the fluid gets to this point, it’s time to have it flushed.

What happens if you don’t flush sludgy and black transmission fluid? Your transmission loses lubrication, and as a result, it takes on substantial amounts of undue wear and tear. This wear and tear not only results in efficiency issues, but durability issues as well.

In short: if your fluid is black, you should have it flushed and replaced as soon as possible.

2. Your Vehicle is Emitting Burnt Odors

Another sign that your transmission fluid might need to be flushed is that your vehicle is emitting burnt odors. Though burnt odors aren’t necessarily the result of old transmission fluid, they very well could be. This is particularly true if the transmission fluid also has a black appearance and a sludgy consistency.

Some other potential causes of burnt odors? A bad motor, deteriorated brakes, and a deteriorated clutch.

In the end, regardless of what’s causing the smell, you’ll want to have it checked out by a professional auto mechanic. He or she will be able to identify the issue and take action to correct it.

3. Your Vehicle is Experiencing Shifting Delays

Have you ever pressed down on your accelerator with the expectation that your vehicle will immediately burst forward, but it does not move?

In all likelihood, the culprit is your transmission fluid. When transmission fluid becomes burnt, it fails to lubricate the transmission in the way that it’s designed to. The result? A groggy, delayed, and unresponsive transmission.

If you want to get your vehicle back to normal (and preserve its mechanical integrity in the process), it’s recommended that you have your transmission fluid flushed.

4. Your Vehicle is Jolting Forward

Another sign of deteriorated transmission fluid is occasional jolting during acceleration. If your vehicle is running smoothly, but then kicks forward unexpectedly, there’s a good chance that the transmission fluid is to blame.

This happens due to a lack of lubrication in the transmission. The fluid isn’t able to lubricate the transmission in the way that it once did, therefore causing the transmission to run roughly.

5. Your Transmission Fluid is Leaking

The last sign to look out for is leaking transmission fluid. Under no circumstances should fluid be leaking out of your transmission. If it is, it’s because your transmission has incurred some form of structural damage.

This will require not only a transmission flush, but structural repair as well. In extreme cases, it might even require a full transmission replacement. In any case, a transmission repair shop can assist you.

In Need of a Transmission Flush in Chicago?

Is your vehicle displaying any of these signs? Are you in need of a transmission flush in Chicago? If so, the auto mechanics at King Transmission Company are the people to see.

We’ve flushed countless transmissions in the Chicago area. Regardless of the make and model of your automobile, our team can assist you.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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