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What Causes Transmission Fluid Leaks? Insights from a Transmission Repair Company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois

by | Jun 9, 2024 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

Though they’re not the most common issue car owners come across, transmission fluid leaks do sometimes occur. When they do occur, they need to be tended to immediately. If you don’t tend to this issue in a timely manner, there could be horrible consequences for your transmission.

That said, as a responsible vehicle owner, you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid leaks from the beginning. To do that, it’s important to understand what causes them. That’s where we can help. This transmission repair company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois is going to review some of the most common causes of transmission fluid leaks below.

Failure to Replace Transmission Fluid in a Timely Manner

Over time, transmission fluid takes on dirt and debris. The more this dirt and debris accumulates, the more clogged the lines in the transmission become. Eventually, they can become so clogged that they burst, causing transmission fluid to leak out of them.

This is why you need to flush and replace your transmission fluid in a timely manner. Traditionally, flushing it every 60,000 miles is the best option. However, you’ll typically only need to flush it once it’s turned black. You can check on it periodically to determine whether it has, then visit your local transmission repair company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois if necessary.

Damaged Seals

Transmissions are built using a variety of different seals. These seals hold up for a long time. However, at some point, they start to deteriorate, after which they allow transmission fluid to leak to the ground. There isn’t anything you can do to stop seal deterioration — you’ll simply need to repair the seals after the deterioration has occurred.

Road Debris

Another common cause of transmission leaks is road debris and potholes. This includes everything from trash to rocks and more. When these pieces of debris get kicked up by tires, they have the potential to impact the transmission pan. This can sometimes result in punctures, which can lead to transmission fluid leaks.

Should you stumble into this problem, you’ll need to visit a transmission repair specialist. They’ll either repair or replace the pan, depending on the extent of the damage.

Loosened Plugs

It’s not just seals that you have to worry about. There are plugs on a transmission that can loosen up over time as well. They may become loose after running over a pothole, for example, which might allow transmission fluid to leak out of them.

What’s the fix to the problem? You’ll most likely need to have the plugs replaced by your transmission repair company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois.

Problems With the Torque Converter

The torque converter is a component that connects the transmission to the engine. It’s subject to a good amount of stress. Because of this, it’s almost certain to incur problems at some point. When it does, there’s a chance that it will cause transmission fluid to leak out onto the ground.

To keep the leaking to a minimum, you’ll need to keep your eyes open for signs of torque converter damage. Some of the most common signs include shuddering while accelerating, slipping during gear changes, excessive vehicle vibration, and loud and jarring noises. If you notice any of these signs, you should take your vehicle to a transmission repair specialist ASAP.

Looking for a Transmission Repair Company in Clarendon Hills, Illinois?

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