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Mistakes to Avoid When Driving a Manual Transmission in Glendale Heights

by | May 8, 2019 | Transmission Tips | 0 comments

manual-transmission-repairPerhaps you’ve always driven an automatic transmission, but are looking to switch to a manual transmission? Maybe you already drive a manual transmission, but are skeptical as to whether or not you’re driving it correctly? In either case, you’re looking for a little help in operating a manual transmission.

If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to cover some of the common mistakes individuals make when driving manual transmissions in Glendale Heights. By avoiding these mistakes, you will take great deal of strain off of your transmission and allow it to operate at max capacity. Excessive wear and tear, over time, can lead to the need of a transmission repair company in Glendale Heights.

Keeping Your Vehicle in Gear When Stopped

One of the biggest mistakes manual transmission drivers make is keeping their vehicles in gear while stopped at a red light or in a traffic jam. This is a mistake because doing so puts unnecessary strain on the transmission, causing it to wear down faster than it otherwise would.

Instead of keeping your vehicle in gear while stopped, you should be putting it in neutral. It might take you an extra second to get rolling again, but, in the grand scheme of things, an extra second is a small price to pay for a healthy transmission.

Holding the Clutch While Slowly Moving Up a Hill

Have you ever found yourself moving slowly up a hill while backed up in traffic? You likely have. The question is: how are you supposed to operate your transmission while in these scenarios?

Do you tend to hold the clutch in order to fight gravity? If so, you are putting unnecessary strain on your clutch disc.

Instead of holding the clutch, you should be utilizing your hand brake in order to come to a complete stop. This will remove all strain from your clutch, prolonging its ability to perform properly.

Flooding the Accelerator at Low RPMs

A common mistake among new manual transmission drivers is flooding the accelerator while at low RPMs. This is typically done in an effort to accelerate the vehicle quickly. However, because the vehicle is out of gear, it actually puts unnecessary stress on the engine.

Instead of doing this, you should be gradually pushing down on the accelerator, shifting down gears as your speed increases. While it can feel awkward at first, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Continued practice is key.

Coasting in Neutral

Do you ever find yourself coasting in neutral? If so, this is a common mistake—coasting in neutral shuts down your ability to engine brake, instead placing all of the stress on your foot brake.

Your foot brake is not designed to withstand the stress of full-speed stopping. By using it at the wrong time, you are placing loads of undue stress upon it.

Perpetually Holding Your Foot on the Clutch

The last mistake we’re going to discuss is the mistake of keeping your foot on the clutch while driving. By doing this, you place undue stress on the clutch bearing and the clutch cover, causing both components to wear down quickly.

Instead, you should only apply pressure to the clutch when shifting gears. Whenever the car is moving at a consistent speed, you should have your foot flat on the ground.

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