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Is It Time for a Transmission Flush? Insights from a Transmission Repair Shop in Itasca, Illinois

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Transmission Flush | 0 comments

Transmission fluid flush in Itasca, IllinoisFor your car’s transmission to run efficiently, it must be filled with high-quality transmission fluid. Unfortunately, transmission fluid deteriorates over time. There will eventually come a point when the transmission fluid can’t provide the necessary lubrication, which will require you to flush your transmission and fill it back up with fresh fluid.

Are you wondering whether it’s time for a transmission flush in Itasca, Illinois? This Itasca transmission repair shop is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

How Long Does Transmission Fluid Last?

Transmission fluid doesn’t burn away like gasoline does. That said, it does burn up, slowly transforming from a reddish-brown and syrupy substance into a thick, tarry, and black substance.

Once it’s taken on this form, it’s no longer viable, and it’s not capable of providing adequate lubrication. As such, leaving it inside of your transmission can cause harm. More specifically, it can allow undue wear and tear on the transmission’s components, resulting in reduced efficiency and a shorter lifespan.

The key is to replace the transmission fluid before it starts to burn up. However, the tricky thing about this is that every vehicle is different. With most vehicles, the fluid should be replaced after every 30,000 to 60,000 miles of driving.

Yes, that’s a large range, and no, it’s not 100% accurate. Because of this, it’s better to keep an eye out for certain signs when driving your vehicle. If you notice any of the signs below, it’s probably time to visit a transmission repair shop in Itasca, Illinois to swap out your transmission fluid.

Is Your Transmission Fluid Sludgy and Black?

A sure sign that you need to flush your transmission fluid is that it’s sludgy and black. Transmission fluid becomes this way after years of continuous use.

Unfortunately, when the transmission fluid is in this condition, it can’t provide adequate lubrication. As such, the best option is to have it flushed and replaced with fresh fluid. As always, your local Itasca transmission repair company can help you with this task.

Is Your Vehicle Emitting a Burning Smell?

Has your vehicle been giving off a burning smell? If so, you may or may not be dealing with deteriorated transmission fluid. Yes, there are other factors that can lead to burning smells. However, burnt transmission fluid is one of the most common.

Check your transmission and inspect the color of your fluid. If it’s black, it’s time to visit a transmission repair specialist in Itasca for a fluid change.

Is Your Vehicle Experiencing Delays While Accelerating?

Another sign that your transmission fluid is bad is that you’re experiencing delays during acceleration. In other words, your vehicle starts to move, then delays for a half-second, then suddenly bursts forward again.

This often happens because there isn’t enough lubrication in your transmission, which results in the gears sticking and slipping. Having your transmission fluid flushed and replaced is a quick fix.

Is Your Vehicle Making Grinding Noises?

One last sign that it’s time to replace your transmission fluid is that your vehicle is making grinding noises. Now, grinding noises can come from a variety of other sources as well. However, an improperly lubricated transmission is a common culprit.

As soon as you hear this noise, you should take your car to a transmission repair shop in Itasca. Allowing this to persist can put extreme wear and tear on your transmission, significantly reducing its lifespan.

Need a Transmission Flush? Visit the Top-Rated Transmission Repair Shop in Itasca, Illinois

Has your transmission fluid run its course? Looking to schedule a transmission fluid flush in Itasca, Illinois? If so, you’re in the right place — King Transmission Company is here to help.

We’ve performed transmission flushes on countless vehicles throughout the Itasca area, and we would be glad to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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