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What Does a Transmission Fluid Flush Entail? A Chicago Transmission Repair Company Answers

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Transmission Flush | 0 comments

car-garage-transmission-fluid-flush-chicagoOver time, as a vehicle’s transmission fluid sees more use, it begins to deteriorate. When it deteriorates, it takes on a sludgy consistency, and it often fails to perform its job adequately. As such, a transmission fluid flush eventually becomes a necessity.

Has your transmission fluid reached this point? Wondering what a transmission fluid flush entails? This Chicago transmission repair company has the answer.

The Transmission Flushing Process

After you’ve taken your vehicle in to have its transmission fluid flushed, your mechanic will inspect it to ensure that the transmission isn’t suffering any mechanical problems. If it is, those problems will need to be dealt with. If it’s not, the mechanic will move on with the flush.

In most cases, the flush is as simple as connecting the transmission to a specialized machine. This machine simultaneously evacuates the old transmission fluid while adding the new fluid.

To facilitate the operation, the mechanic will need to remove both the filter and the pan. In some cases, these entities can be cleaned and put back on. However, in most cases, they will end up being replaced entirely.

One thing to note is that, while it’s possible to flush your transmission fluid on your own, it’s not recommended. The transmission is a delicate component that could easily be damaged by improper maintenance practices.

The Benefits of a Transmission Fluid Flush

There are many benefits that come with a transmission fluid flush. The most prominent of these benefits include the following.

Maximum Performance

In order for a transmission to operate, it must shift a series of gears. In order for these gears to shift fluidly, the transmission must have relatively fresh transmission fluid.

What happens when a transmission’s fluid is no longer fresh? Its gears experience substantial amounts of friction, causing the transmission to run roughly. When the transmission runs roughly, the vehicle at large runs roughly as well.

In short, by flushing a transmission’s fluid, you will help your car perform better.

Optimal Lifespan

Deteriorated fluid doesn’t just hinder a transmission’s performance. It also causes undue wear and tear. What does undue wear and tear lead to? A shortened lifespan.

If you want to get the most out of your transmission, it’s wise to take as much stress off of it as possible. One of the keys to doing this is flushing its transmission fluid on schedule.

Reduced Risk of Lockup

Though it’s not especially common, transmission fluid can reach a point at which it’s entirely dysfunctional. When this point arrives, lockup can occur. When lockup occurs, a vehicle can cease to operate entirely.

Therefore, by flushing your transmission fluid, you can help reduce the risk of lockup. Not only could this go on to save you substantial amounts of money, but it could also go on to keep you out of dangerous situations behind the wheel.

Financial Savings

The final benefit of a transmission flush that we’ll discuss is financial savings. While a transmission flush will cost you about $150 to $200, it could go on to save you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs in the long run. After all, the more you take care of your transmission, the more smoothly it will run, and the lower risk there will be of it suffering an impairment.

Utilize the Services of a Chicago Transmission Repair Company

Looking to flush your transmission fluid? Interested in utilizing the services of a Chicago transmission repair company? If so, King Transmission Company has you covered.

With our team of skilled and experienced transmission repair specialists, we’ve flushed countless transmissions over the years. Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, we can help.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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