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How to Tell if You Need a Transmission Repair: Insights from a Transmission Repair Shop in Brookfield, Illinois

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Transmission Repair | 0 comments

Transmission repair mechanic in Brookfield, IllinoisCars are made up of thousands of different components, one of the most important of which is the transmission. Responsible for supplying power to the vehicle’s wheels, the transmission is vital. Unfortunately, if a transmission takes on problems, it can hinder the overall performance of the car.

For this reason, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of trouble. Are you wondering what signs to look out for? Here’s how to tell if you need a transmission repair in Brookfield, Illinois.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Black

A sure sign that you need transmission repair is that your transmission fluid is black. If your transmission fluid is black, it’s most likely because it has burnt up after years and years of continuous use. This is just a natural part of the transmission fluid’s lifecycle.

Unfortunately, once transmission fluid becomes burnt, it can’t provide adequate lubrication. As such, it can cause a great deal of harm to a transmission.

The fix? You can easily replace the fluid. All you’ll have to do is flush it out and swap it with fresh transmission fluid. Your local Brookfield transmission repair shop can help you get the job done.

There Are Burning Smells Coming from Your Vehicle

Another sign that your transmission needs to be repaired is that there are burning smells coming from your vehicle. Now, it’s important to note that these smells could be indicative of other problems as well. However, old and burnt up transmission fluid is one of the most common culprits.

Burnt fluid smells will usually accompany the sign reviewed above: blackened transmission fluid. Therefore, the second you detect a burning smell, you should look at your transmission. If the fluid is black, you can schedule an appointment with your local Brookfield transmission repair shop to have it flushed.

Your Vehicle Is Jerking During Acceleration

When you hit the gas pedal gently, your vehicle should start to move slowly. If you hit the gas pedal gently and your car bursts forward suddenly, there is most likely an issue with your transmission.

In most cases, the transmission fluid will need to be replaced. However, there could be mechanical issues at hand as well. Regardless of the cause, it’s best to bring your vehicle to your local Brookfield transmission repair shop for an inspection.

There’s Transmission Fluid Leaking from Your Vehicle

A sure sign that you need a transmission repair is that there’s transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle. This should never happen, under any circumstances. If it does, your transmission is likely damaged.

How can you tell whether your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid? You can look for a reddish-brown fluid underneath your car. If you see this fluid, it’s best to take your vehicle to an Brookfield transmission repair shop as soon as possible.

Driving with a damaged transmission can cause irreparable damage. As such, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. Getting it fixed as quickly as possible will cost you some money, but it’s still much more affordable than a full transmission replacement.

Your Vehicle’s Making Grinding Noises

One last sign that you might need a transmission repair is that your transmission is making grinding noises. If this is occurring, it’s likely because of a broken component within the transmission.

This isn’t something you should ignore. We recommend taking your vehicle into a professional as soon as possible to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Looking for the Premier Transmission Repair Shop in Brookfield, Illinois?

Is your transmission showing signs of damage? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated transmission repair shop in Brookfield, Illinois, King Transmission is the company to call.

We have been serving the Brookfield area for almost 70 years, having fixed countless transmissions during that time. Regardless of your vehicle’s make and model, we have you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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